Refresh Recap: On Regeneration

No matter how busy life gets, Refresh the Triangle is one event I always try to make time for. I find the talks motivating and love the people that come back month after month. Last night’s event was no different. Except that it was, because it featured 3 of Syxer’s finest — Mike Wickham, David Nixon and Bill Appleyard. How cool is that?

Over 60 people filled the space at the Australian Underground, a great start-up space at the Australian Tobacco Campus in the middle of downtown. We kicked off the new year with a new format designed to make Refresh events more well rounded. Instead of a single speaker and topic, the new format splits the time between speakers from three disciplines. All three tackled the same topic — “Regeneration: When old becomes new again”.

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  1. Matt Adams says:

    Very interesting. I agree with the comment above. I bookmarked your site. When are you going to write another post? I would like to be a guest author sometime.

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